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#47 Crowdfunding to start

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Crowdfunding will start on November 25th at Makuake. The reason why I decided to try it was There was no market to sell bespoke art pieces for metal cutting. Art EC sites, auction companies, etc. cannot treat it as an art work, Metal processed products are mainly produced in industrial parts such as drilling and cutting, and products that are not mass-produced and not sold in lots are not handled. People who took the time and effort to make it and saw the real thing at a glance said "Wow !!" I have a toothache that I can't let everyone know about it ... "I want as many people as possible to know about the product through crowdfunding."

Sekiseian also repairs machines and has the opportunity to visit the town factories in Japan, but in Japanese manufacturing, technology and people are steadily flowing overseas, and many town factories are subcontracting overseas products. The current situation is that we have to compete with a large number of cheap products from overseas. A small town factory like Sekisei-an cannot change the current state of manufacturing in Japan, but I hope to create a society where people can make and accept good and valuable products. With that in mind, I will take on the challenge of crowdfunding for the first time. [Return product introduction] 1. The pedestal of granite improves the sense of quality! Renewed [Twin Object]

2. New product! Put your favorite illustrations on the deer leather at the foot of Mt. Fuji [Deer leather accessory]

3. New product! Making a lump of metal by carving [Diamond incense stand]

We offer various returns centered on the above three products. I would be grateful if you could support the challenge of the small town factory. Thank you for your support!!

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